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We take care of storing all your stock, preparing your inventory when a sale it carried out, and finalize your sales transport to any country. So, with our logistic you may increase your sales immediately, increasing your client portfolio all over the world, saving time and money. What is more, improving your customers' satisfaction.

How it works?

It is very easy to sell in Wotika. Here you are a brief summary about what you have to do step by step.

Our operation is very easy:

--You let us know about the products you want to keep in our logistic centre, and you send them to us. You can send your product to our store, or if you want, we can pick them up.

--When your products get to our facilities, we develop an inventory of your products, checking and storing them.

--As soon as you have a sale, we manage it. We prepare the material, the packing and the delivery. The last step in that process, the delivery, it will make in the way that your customers choose it.

--After the delivery, we provide your customer in every moment all the information about his delivery's state, in case that he wanted to make a monitoring tracking system.

--We manage your refunds in case that it is necessary, in accordance to the agreements previously signed.

As you can see, your inventory does not need to have a minimum quantity. We manage your stock, it does not matter if you have a big or small number of products. In every moment, you'll control the stored of your products, thanks to a control stock system for the Wotika's logistic users. Another benefit to work with us is that people that are buying something to you, can buy, at the same time, to other Wotika's sellers and receive it in the same package. In that way, the delivery time is reduced, and the customer’s satisfaction will increase.

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